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July 17 2013


Feature News

Feature News

The Portrait of Nelson Mandela as a Nigerian Statesman

John Otim

Were Nelson Mandela born a Nigerian he would not have been examined let alone admitted and treated in a hospital within the borders of this great land. At the slightest sign of trouble a special plane will fly him to the best hospital in Germany, in Britain, in America or France. This is the Nigerian way. Any Nigerian doctor, who dares approach him much less touch him would be subject to arrest.

Obama’s Africa Visit and its fallout

Okot Nyormoi

Any visit to Africa by an American President who also happens to have an African father is bound to generate heat. Obama’s recent visit to Africa that took him through Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania did just that. He tellingly excluded Kenya, the birth place of his father; and neighboring Uganda, a country fighting a proxy war in Somalia for America.

The mess African leaders have made of African universities

John Otim

Once seemingly on the threshold of a grand breakthrough African universities are sliding backwards. To the casual observer this may not be apparent. The occasional brand new edifice on campus, many often the result of donor money, the trim lawns college administrators have perfected the art of keeping, the fashion obsessed youths, book bags on their backs, smart phones in their palms, present the image of a normal campus.

Student takes on Faculty of Law over Dress Code at the University of Lagos in Nigeria

Special Correspondent

Nile Journal brings to you this remarkable and revealing conversation in which a Lagos University student accused of flouting college regulations on dress code and threatened with expulsion takes the Faculty head on. The encounter left the head of department (HOD) reeling. We must admit his had to be the strangest college department in the world; the department of Dress Code

Real power in Russia will not grow out of the barrel of a gun!

Jonathan Power

What drives President Vladimir Putin is to make Russia once again a respected and admired brand as it was in the days of the Soviet Union. In his arrogance Putin underestimates what real power Russia already has. He does not realize what card to play. It is not his hang tough policies in the international arena, especially where America is concerned. It is Russia's culture.

The truth about the Gomesi as a National Dress for Uganda Women

Thomas R Omara-Alwala

I was in for a surprise when none of our women turned up in the national attire for women of Uganda the gomesi.  It was at the Convention of the Lango Association of North America held in Philadelphia last June.  Two weeks after the convention I asked one of the ladies who herself had showed up in the West African attire of Liberia, why?