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How modern African Art was born at Ahmadu Bello University Nigeria

John Otim

A classroom in the northern city of Zaria in colonial Nigeria. Outside the union jack flutters in a bitterly cold wind. A group of students begin to sketch and experiment using African motifs. This was new and this was strange. It was the kind of thing their teachers scorned.


The day theater died at Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria

John Otim

At a corner of the Ahmadu Bello University in northern Nigeria a mud structure crafted in the traditional style of the Hausas encloses a modest open air stage and auditorium. This is the home of theater and the performing arts that campus students playfully call the Mud Theater. Deceitfully simple the place has witnessed many thrilling moments of drama, dance, and music.

Africa, knowledge, and the global North

Medici con la Africa Cuamm



Since Hecataeus, Herodotus, and later on, Bartholomew Dias, Livingstone, Stanley and Lugard, Africa’s stories, good and bad, have been written and told by outsiders. Explorers, missionaries, exploiters, adventurers; call them what you will. Each writer, objective or not, had their own agenda and did their own thing.


All Music is Holy: Miriam Makeba, Empress of Songs, as Seen in the Malaika

John Otim

Whenever and wherever in the world Miriam Makeba took to the stage in performance of the one and only Malaika, the African love song, she first made famous and then help drive to the top of the charts, to become one of the most loved of all love songs, nothing so becomes this delicate and charming Empress of Songs.


The Magic of the Kenyan Dream

John Otim

Kenya is a dreamland. To its north is the desert full of charms with a lake all its own. To the east is the warm Indian Ocean with its scores of stunning beaches. While to the west lay Mount Elgon on the border with Uganda; plus the Great Rift Valley, the breath taking highlands, and the great Inland Ocean that Kenya shares with Uganda and Tanzania. Now move over a little to the south. And behold, there on the south eastern border with Tanzania, is the summit of Africa, the snowcap Kilimanjaro..

Lango Culture Resurgent at the National Theater in Kampala

John Otim

The countryside bursts into songs and dance. The happy-go-lucky holiday rider takes in the view through the bus window as one colorful village scene gives way to another,. It is market day in most of Northern Uganda. And she 's got a ticket to ride. And she don't care,

Malaika, Most Quintessential, Most Loved of African Love Songs

John Otim

Angel, I love you Angel, runs the first line of Malaika, the most lyrical most quintessential of African love songs. To set the tone, to set the tempo and the rhythm the line is repeated. Angel I love you Angel.



Lagos Notes: Beloved and Dreaded City of Modern Nigeria

Maria Glover

Slums don’t make headlines anymore. In most cities of the world slums have become such routine and part of daily life they don’t count any more.  Some slums are better than others. Others are so bad even its rodent population agree conditions perhaps ought to be better

Maya Angelou’s Moving Eve of Election Message

Maya Angelou

Pretty or plain, heavy or thin, gay or straight, poor or rich I am not writing to you as a black voter, or a woman voter, or as a voter who is over 70 years old and six feet tall. I am writing to you as a representative of this great country -- as an American.



Speak softly don't argue and slow down

Phillip Sherwell

Loud and brash, in gaudy garb and baseball caps, more than three million of them flock to our shores every year. Shuffling between tourist sites or preparing to negotiate a business deal, they bemoan the failings of the world outside the United States.



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