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Sept 17 2013


Feature News

Feature News

King Mutebi II and the future of the Kingdom of Buganda in Uganda

John Otim

Had the twentieth century been an African century, the kingdom of Buganda and its centuries-old monarchy located in present day Uganda might have loomed large on the world stage. Africa had seen some powerful kingdoms and empires. Who can or what can rival Mensa Musa and his Malian Empire of 14th century?

Postcolonial education in Africa: the imperative for theory and practice

Okello Oculi

How can higher education in Africa become more relevant in the face of the challenges and opportunities Africa faces in the 21st century? That is the theme of a conference planned for 2014 at Dakar Senegal. In the face of growing numbers of colleges and universities in Africa, organizers note, there has been a lot of focus on numbers and too little attention paid to quality, relevance and access.

Kofi Annan on Justice for Kenya

Kofi Annan

ON Tuesday, the eyes of Kenya will be firmly fixed on The Hague, where the trial of the country’s deputy president, William Ruto, and his co-defendant, Joshua arap Sang, an influential radio executive, is set to begin before the International Criminal Court.



Africa, knowledge, and the global North

Medici con la Africa Cuamm



Since Hecataeus, Herodotus, and later on, Bartholomew Dias, Livingstone, Stanley and Lugard, Africa’s stories, good and bad, have been written and told by outsiders. Explorers, missionaries, exploiters, adventurers; call them what you will. Each writer, objective or not, had their own agenda and did their own thing.


What the future might be 200 years from now

Jonathan Power

The industrial revolution of the late 18th century that began first in England and quickly spread to other parts of the world caused a major shift in lifestyle worldwide.  New products coming out of the factories made life for those who could afford it more aboundant.