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Aug 17 2018


Feature News

Feature News

Burden of Failure in A Failed State

John Otim

Reading Burden of Failure, the new novel by Okot Nyormoi, I found myself remembering old friends and old arguments we use to indulge in. We were a group of young lecturers on a northern Nigerian campus. We were bothered by the lack of progress in Africa since independence.  We were searching for a way out of the morass...

‘Who Told You That You Were Naked?’ By William Combs. A Review


Two lovers in a most glorious setting. They have everything they want. And much more. For a while life is wonderful for them in the Garden of Eden. No couple could be happier. They are in ecstasy. They stroll and roam the Garden of Eden doing what lovers do. Now and again, the Lord comes visiting...

Farewell Africa

John Otim

There was something noblesse about the evening. The canopy was on fire. From the mountains beyond came whispers of winds laden with fragrance. It was getting late. Birds of the night were in the air. Dew was beginning to form. Tonight, was the night...

Walking back to Africa: Story of Slave Rebellion

Special Report

To most people, the best-known slave rebellion is that which occurred under the leadership of the ex-slave Toussaint L'Ouverture on the island of St Domingo between 1791 and 1804. That revolt became a revolution and secured the island’s independence from France...


Uganda Schools in the Early Days of Independence 1960 – 1970

John Otim

Evening time. A huge ball descends the sky. It looked incredibly huge. But it was not the sun. A man in white jersey stood in the middle of the ground. Before him a group of youths. All eyes were on the ball...