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January 17 2016


Feature News

Feature News

Visions of Science and High-Tech working Miracles for a once War-torn Village

John Otim

On a cold and windy November morning last year they gathered in the little village of Opac, home of Ochan Agene. Ochan Agene is a village cooperative and something of a miracle worker. Overnight it transformed the life of a once war torn village into something approaching prosperity.

Textures of experience on the African campus

John Otim

I joined the Ahmadu Bello University in the early eighties. I arrived in the middle of a cold dry spell the locals call the harmattan. The campus was filled with expatriate academics from all over the world ...it was a seething pot of nationalities. It was also an exciting moment and place to be. 

Young people and survival of ancient rock art: discrepancy between thought and action

John Otim & Ekkehard Dohering

Africa has more rock art sites and more of the rock art than any other continent. Many of its rock art are among the oldest and the finest. They include paintings and engravings and constitute an impressive record of prehistoric human activities and thoughts.

Mass migration holding back economic progress in Africa’s richest economy

Taju Tijani


Few countries are as blessed as is Nigeria. Not for nothing is Nigeria Africa's number one economy. Abundant natural resources, a vibrant and youthful population, plenty of God’s own sunlight for free, all belong to her. But there is a problem

Hope for peace in Afghanistan?

Jonathan Power

Last January 18 in Kabul, the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (made up of representatives from Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and the US) met to hold discussions on a roadmap to peace in Afghanistan.