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August 17 2015


Feature News

Feature News

Origin of the strongman rule in Africa

John Otim

In the eventful years of the mid century when the wind of change blew across Africa and shook the very foundation of Empire it was the Gold Coast the country that was soon to become Ghana that stole the show and the march to Independent nationhood in Black Africa. On May 25 1957 its dynamic young leader Kwame Nkrumah ...

What is Africa's problem?

Okot Nyormoi

At different times in many places many people have asked this question. What is Africa’s problem?  The answer varied according to who asked and for what reason. Leopold II the cunning King of the Belgians claimed that Africa’s problem was lack of civilization. As it turned out ...

Muhammadu Buhari's long march to power

John Otim

Even enemies admit that Muhammadu Buhari’s undeniable good fortune and one huge asset is his good health. This June as the 72 year old Nigerian leader stood side by side with the trim and fit 53 year old Barack Obama on the lawns of the White House it was often hard to tell who the older man was.

Abuja Celebrates Nelson Mandela

Okello Oculi

Perhaps to give the event maximum impact, the celebration in Abuja of Nelson Mandela International Day by a group of African ambassadors, was timed to coincide with Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya, the land of the American President’s ancestry.

Why Europe Conquered the World

Jonathan Power

How and why do major powers arise? At a time when the talk is about the rise of China and India as world powers, and the downward slide in the US and the European Union, and there is the thwarted ambitions of Russia, it is a good time to ponder this question.