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June 17 2015


Feature News

Feature News

The naked body and the politics of land grab in Uganda

Okot Nyormoi

Land grabbing has been around ever since humans turned land into possession. How we use land and social advancement are interlocked. The use of land intensifies as population multiplies and society advances. A growing society puts greater demand on the land.

Peer review mechanism and selective justice of the ICC

Okello Oculi

Irritated by resurgent Euro American racism, alarmed by China’s aggressive march across Africa, President Uhuru Kenyatta has planted a new African spear. At the African Union summit in South Africa, Kenyatta called for the reinvigoration of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)




Babes! looks! on the volleyball court as you never seen It

John Otim

When she first stormed Wimbledon and lifted the coveted golden trophy Serena Williams was arguably the most stunning woman to appear on the sporting arena. The full figured body, the flowing locks, and the power in those forehands against the fast moving tennis ball.



How to study and learn and pass exams

John Otim

Humans have ever been learners. That is the reason we got to where we are today and become a knowledge society. We are surrounded by the products of our own ingenuity. But today besides just learn, we must also pass exams. You are not alone, many are afraid of exams, and that fear limits their performance


Could this spell the end? Ageing veteran leaders in a face off in Uganda


President Yoweri Museveni’s revolution is 30 years old. Museveni is still in power today and hopes to remain the President of Uganda for the foreseeable future. Elections are due early next 2016. Last year his ruling NRM party of which he is the chairman, declared him sole party candidate for the presidency