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November 17 2015


Feature News

Feature News

Kenya's Jomo Kenyatta and the uncertain legacy he left Kenya

Okello Oculi

Jomo Kenyatta was an invention fashioned out of the faceless name of Johnson Kamau by the inventive mind of the anthropologist who was also perhaps the most consummate politician of his day. The word kenyatta meant ...

Bombing Islamic State is not the answer

Jonathan Power

After 9/11 Americans did this and raced into Afghanistan with the intention of eliminating Al-Qaeda but they failed, they are still in Afghanistan, their longest war. They have become bogged down in fighting Afghani movements ...

Idi Amin's son on The Last King of Scotland and the father and mother he knew

Hussein Amin

I have just watched The Last King of Scotland for the first time, the highly acclaimed movie about my father. I had ignored the film for years because I already knew it was the same old trash


Africa must rise to its own challenges and crisis

Amira Ali

Once again Ethiopia is in the grip of a famine that threatens to get worse. It brings to mind shameful and shameless images of hunger that western media splashed around during the famine of 1984. But Ethiopians are not helpless. Ethiopians have the power to end hunger

Ugandans worry as Museveni deploys a new militia force on eve of 2016 polls

Dastan Kweka


Although the armed forces and the police are solidly behind the Ugandan President and have always served him loyally, Museveni seems unsatisfied. Lately the government has been massively recruiting and training unemployed youth it calls Crime Preventers