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May 17 2015


Feature News

Feature News

Resurgent Election Rigging in American Politics

Okello Oculi


Rigging elections is as American as baseballl. American democracy in the former slave states of the South in the view of some scholars wa no better than the one party state. Police attack dogs chased blacks away from registering to vote and excluded blacks from the ballot from the word go.

A General Election the British Way

Ramnik Shah


The most striking feature of all British elections is how low key, how matter of fact, how unhurried the process always is. Such was the case in the just concluded British election that returned Prime Minister David Cameroun and his ruling Conservative Party to power.

The next American President and the Iraq War

Jonathan Power

As long as Jeb Bush stays in the race to be the next president of the US the issue of the Iraq war will not go away. The fact that Iraq is descending into further chaos and that he is the brother of ex-president George W. Bush whose willful invasion of Iraq catalyzed Iraq’s implosion will see to that. And so it should.

Growing Crisis of Presidential Succession in Central Africa

Chiddi Odinkalu


A growing crisis of governance and succession threatens peace and security in the countries of the Great Lakes region of Africa, where an outbreak of the god syndrome among long serving rulers threatens to unleash fratricidal conflict across historically violent borders.

The Hare and the Tortoise

katherine Joy Akello


Once upon a time the Hare and the Tortoise were great friends. One day while the two sat by the evening fire enjoying millet beer with roast meat, Tortoise said to Hare: Listen friend, if I cook myself very well, you will enjoy eating me.