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April 17 2015


Feature News

Feature News

Muhammad Buhari the President Elect of Nigeria

John Otim

One could say without fear of being contradicted that whenever and wherever in the world democracy works you have before you a government of the people. By that we mean that the people themselves have of their own free will, in a free and fair election, elected a government of their own choice. We must rule out of consideration ...

Ian Robinson and the alchemy that was King’s College Budo

John Otim

A large black Rolls Royce cruised slowly along the tree lined lane that lead up to the Big School. A lane usually closed to traffic. There it drew to a stop. Out came the Governor General of the newly independent State of Uganda, Sir Walter Coutts And there to receive him was Ian Robinson Headmaster of King’s College Budo

How the people of the city of Gum embraced their differences and became whole again

Okot Nyormoi

Gum was a small city state ruled by a wise and kindly king. The people loved their king. The king whose powers were immense did not abuse his authority. It was a delicate balance. For years the people lived in peace and harmony. No one could tell how long this could last


Iran could squash the nuclear bomb deal

Jonathan Power

Almost there, but the negotiations that have been going on between the Iran, America, the EU, China and Russia, over Iranian nuclear program is not yet a done deal. The Iranians or the Americans could still shoot it down. There are legislators in the American Congress who would love to do this if they could

South Africa's growing attacks against immigrant Africans: a perspective from below

Abahlali Mjondol

Attacks on African migrants in South Africa are connected to oppression of poor black people of South Africa. To prevent the poor from organizing and standing up to their real enemies, the state tacitly encourages violence against foreigners.