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August 17 2013


Feature News

Feature News

The African Dream: fragments from a shattered image

John Otim

In the soft lights of the mighty hall where once dined and wined the heroes of empire, where trophies and memorabilia of empire still enjoyed the place of pride, he listened fascinated by the novelty and the flow of the new dialectics coming from the stage. What would these statesmen now staring down from the walls, covered in medals and regalia, have made of this gathering?

Seven steps to riches: How Kenya could avoid the oil curse

James Shikwati

New discoveries of oil and gas in Kenya provide a great opportunity for Kenya to reposition itself as a business and commercial hub in Africa. The country could invest in refineries, in road and rail networks, in education, health and other infrastructures and ultimately come to realize its long awaited future as the African tiger or dare we say the African lion.

State and Society in Uganda: Before and after Independence

Mahmood Mamdani

Last year Uganda celebrated its 50th anniversary as an independent state. The most striking thing about the celebration was the lack of any critical reflection.  We made no distinction between State and Society.  We all celebrated as if we were the State or part of the State.

Joy and sorrows of Acholiland in war torn Northern Uganda

Daneen Peterson

Thunder blasts grow louder and more frequent. Peals of lightning illumine the darkening sky. The sun is setting in shades of red, orange and yellow; a marvel to look at.  Across the flat plains of Northern Uganda you can see storms approaching from a far. The grass is still surprisingly green but the dust from three months of the dry season has become unbearable. The approach of rain is a joy.

Between the Brotherhood and the Military: a revolution deferred

Mark de Lark

Events unfolding in Cairo, Alexandria, the Sinai and other parts of Egypt are sad to watch but not unexpected. Raw, bloody and full blown crisis is back in the unfortunate country, in many ways because of the failure of the Muslim Brotherhood to build bridges with secularists and minorities such as the Coptic Christians once they achieved power. Yet such a prospect was entirely feasible and completely desirable.

Obama’s crocodile tears over Trayvon Martin

Glen Ford

It was a performance worthy of a stage act; the President pretended to cross over to the Black side for a few minutes, in response to the massive Black rage at Zimmerman’s acquittal in the stalking and murder of Trayvon Martin. Fully 87 percent of African Americans believe the shooting was unjustified, compared to just one out of three whites (Washington Post-ABC News polls)