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June 17 2014


Feature News

Feature News

Last glance at graceful world of Acholi culture now disappearing

John Otim

One hot afternoon a long time ago in a still young world six teenage girls who were best of friends set out in search of firewood and head for the forbidden forest beyond the farmlands. Lalam, a girl of great wits and great charms leads.


Diaspora man home in Africa and doing the right thing

John Otim

Africa was home and Ahmed recently returned but encountering multiple difficulties was determined he would not be a foreigner in Africa. He was tired of the tag of foreigner that abroad trailed him like an evil shadow


Kinshasa Chronicles, one Diaspora man’s experience

JJ Bola

I was filled with so much anticipation when I booked the tickets. It was slowly dawning on me that this was real. I was going back to the country of my birth, to the place that my mother and father was born, and their mother and father before them, and so on

Human security implications of the anti gay laws in Nigeria

Toyin Ajao


Early this year with great fanfare President Goodluck Jonathan signed into law an anti-gay bill that stipulated the following: 14 years imprisonment for anyone entering same-sex marriage; 10 years for any organization or people supporting gay rights; 10 years for anyone displaying same-sex affection in public

Homosexual minorities in Africa not unique

Okot Nyormoi

In many African countries, homosexuals are demonized by such words as unnatural, sinful, unproductive, sexual deviants, sexual mercenaries, sex-starved people, prostitutes, un-African, etc. In Nigeria and Uganda, such words were carefully crafted to prepare the public for the passing of laws to criminalize homosexual acts.