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Once and Future Wonderland of the World

John Otim

If there were an African country in which the leader was so imbued so fired with dreams and plans for a better tomorrow for his under developed land and his impoverished people, that country was Tanzania. If there were a country in which grand and sincere dreams for a better future in the end went terribly wrong and caused untold sufferings for millions. That country is Tanzania. If the saying, bad things can happen to good people could apply to a whole country. That country is Tanzania.

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African Paradise Deferred

John Otim

This lovely country which is your home was once aptly described as a fairy tale by one of the greatest men of the twentieth century. "In Uganda  there is discipline, there is industry, there is peace.  From end to end, it is one beautiful garden." Words of Winston Churchill written more than 100 years ago. But it was the young Duke of Kent, reminding Ugandans fifty years ago,  just how lucky they are. Today as they face present realities Ugandans might be forgiven if their thoughts run back to bygone days.

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Wars, Concentration Camps and Strange Nodding Disease Striking Northern Uganda

Okot Nyormoi

Every now and then the world is struck with a mysterious new malady. In the 14th century Black Death (now known to have been caused byYersinia pestis bacterium) almost wiped out the entire population of Europe and Asia. At the height of European expansion in the middle of the 16th the indigenous populations of the Americas were decimated by new diseases introduced there by Europeans. At times as in the case with small pox, this was a deliberate act designed to wipe out the local Indian population.

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Indian Paradise on Earth

John Otim

Sunrise in ParadiseForget the Taj Mahal! Few people would dream of India as a place to go in search of paradise. Despite its great technological surge and its recent economic progress, the popular image of India remains that of the crowded slums of Mumbai, of Calcutta and other numerous like places in the vast and teaming subcontinent. 


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Kilimanjaro Today


Mt. Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro straddling the land boarder between Tanzania to the south and Kenya to the north, Kilimanjaro is one of Nature’s most stunning artworks. At 19,341 ft (5,895 m) above sea level Kilimanjaro is the summit of Africa and the World’s tallest free standing mountain. A major focus of world tourism, for years the Kilimanjaro has been loosing is glorious snowcap that on moonlit nights bathes for miles the entire neighborhood in neon lights. Lately magically the mountain’s snowcaps seem to be on the rebound as these photos show. How long it will last! 

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