Death of a Warrior for Nuclear Peace

Jonathan Power is a foreign policy columnist

Bruce Blair died a few days ago at the age of 72- one of the great unsung heroes of the nuclear bomb age. In his twenties he had been an intercontinental nuclear rocket launch officer, spending his days or nights deep down in a below ground bunker waiting for the signal to fire and obliterate the cities and their people, the workers of all classes, pensioners and the totally innocent children of western Russia. The New York Times said in its obituary that “he sounded alarms about how easy it is to start a nuclear attack and about the lack of safeguards. A leading voice for nuclear arms control, he pushed for countries to adopt a no-first-use policy”

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Taking Over as the New Editor

By Okot Nyormoi

It has been 9 years since the idea of an online journal was conceived over tea on the serene lawn of the Guest House at the venerable Makerere University. The idea was subsequently baptized with the name Nile Journal and now known also by its unmistakable iconic picture of the rainbow over River Nile.

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Post conflict land grab adding salt to injury in war torn Northern Uganda

John Otim

All over the world land and the resources on it remains a hot issue especially in Africa where a new scramble for the riches of the continent has just began. What is not so clear to some observers is the fact of the scramble within individual African countries, where the rich and the powerful, aligned with corrupt regimes in power are defrauding common folks of their land on alarming scales.

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