Indian Paradise on Earth

John Otim

Forget the Taj Mahal! Few people would dream of India as a place to go in search of paradise. Despite its great technological surge and its recent economic progress, the popular image of India remains that of the crowded slums of Mumbai, of Calcutta and other numerous like places in the vast and teaming subcontinent. But if someone were to go to India in search of paradise; they would probably head straight for Srinagar, the picturesque capital of Indian Kashmir, where in the summer season the lay of the land is awesome. So the choice of the small strip of land they call Kerela, to the south eastern coast of India must come as a big surprise.  But that is the spot the iconic National Geographic Traveler has picked. To the delight as you would imagine of the Kerelites. See if you share their enthusiasm. I think we do. (photo credit

Sunrise in Paradise

Countryside in Paradise

Wild Life in Paradise

Real Estates in Paradise

Farmland in Paradise

Sunset in Paradise

Playground in Paradise

Water Lillies in Paradise

Reflections in Paradise

Twilights in Paradise