Saga of a Nearly Dead Town

John Otim and James Nyankori

For years Northern Uganda towns and villages were little more than dead places. A way of life forged over centuries was slowly grinding to a halt. The railway line and lifeline that linked the vast and fertile mineral rich region to the capital city of Kampala to the south where life was normal and business booming was dead. Road links within and to the outside world were impassible. Within the region death and pestilence were at epidemic proportions. It was the outcome of overcrowded insanitary conditions in refugee camps where for years more than half the population was confined, away from their land without food. Schools, commerce, agriculture and other civilian activities were at standstill.  In 2006 UN Special Representative for Humanitarian Affairs visited the region. Eagleberg described what he saw as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. With the return of peace in recent years Northern Uganda has been experiencing a re-bounce of shorts. These images shot recently in and around the Northern Town of Lira tell a story