By Jomeo Richard Komakech

Jomeo R. KomakechThe “Forgotten Voices” is a collection of the most inspiring poems. It unveils human emotions, identity, displacement, pain, agony and abandonment which I bring out in a simple clear language. Social conflict in northern Uganda is central in the thought-provoking and mentally stimulating prose in this collection of poems. A good read for both writers and readers of poetry.

Below is one of the poems dedicated to mothers on Mother’s Day which was celebrated on May 9th. It describes what, who, where and why mothers were, are and will be. It is an expression of gratitude and a recognition of motherly role in the lives of children, parenting, and family. And as one who is a product of nature and nurture, and as an orphan that emerged from a dark chapter, I have earned and become a son by side and sight of mothers and my late aunts as well.

The corner stone and yoke of family rests on mothers and thus the poem and dedication to our mothers.



The soil that embodied any plant and creature,

The plant that never is disgusted with climatic fluctuation,

The pot that engulfed any liquid,

The clay that when with the maker molds the desired pot,

Surely mother!

Her appearance is like rays of sunshine,

The touch is like morning sunrays,

When talking...,

The voice is like the bird tunes in the forests,

When walking,

All view her like plants bowed by blowing wind,

Mother! Mother Dear!


By your mouth,

The courageous teeth germinated,

Your tongue speared trouble for our sake,

Your word is like food that wisdom fed on,

The Godly package to our generation you sowed seed of honesty with cruelty,

Your portrait lives onto your daughter in-law,

To replace your presence.... I bet,

Surely Mother!


Your beauty depended not on your appearance,

You taught us character,

Your strength leaned not on handouts and luggage,

You prided in grounded character, wisdom with confidence, and justice for humanity,

Hypocrisy with dishonesty was never our kind,

By nature, and nurture our legacy, identity, inheritance you defined,

With you mother Life meant dignity of survival, and,

creation of powers beyond human influence and reach,

You whispered we face the storm with faith,

To believe in self-worth for marital contests,

With knowledge and tact to expect thorns and firs along our path,

We promised you sacrifice and charity with humility,

Your sacrifice, endurance and resiliency are lessons,

Surely Mother,

May you live up to after-life with joy and peace even after our demise,



Dedication to all mothers.

Jomeo Richard Komakech,  author of "FORGOTTEN VOICES".