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Muhammad Buhari the President Elect of Nigeria

John Otim

One could say without fear of being contradicted that whenever and wherever in the world democracy works you have before you a government of the people. By that we mean that the people themselves have of their own free will, in a free and fair election, elected a government of their own choice. We must rule out of consideration ...

Iran could squash the nuclear bomb deal

Jonathan Power

Almost there, but the negotiations that have been going on between the Iran, America, the EU, China and Russia, over Iranian nuclear program is not yet a done deal. The Iranians or the Americans could still shoot it down. There are legislators in the American Congress who would love to do this if they could

South Africa's growing attacks against immigrant Africans: a perspective from below

Abahlali Mjondol

Attacks on African migrants in South Africa are connected to oppression of poor black people of South Africa. To prevent the poor from organizing and standing up to their real enemies, the state tacitly encourages violence against foreigners.

Nigeria: leadership and politics of the vice presidency

John Otim

In politics the second in command is far from a glamorous position, even though the man or woman that occupies the position may be only a heartbeat away from the top job. Should anything happen, the second in command is, by most constitutions next in line of succession

Islamic State: most potent threat to world peace in our time*

V S Naipaul

Picture queues of helpless men and women being marched by zealous executioners who nail them to wooden crosses and crucify them, howling and bleeding to death as crowds watch. Picture thousands of girls and women, their arms tied, being marched by hooded and armed captors into sexual slavery.

Nigeria: the big questions in this election

Jonathan Power


It has been said that “Brazil has a future and always will”. The quip cannot be made about Nigeria. It has a future and it is working towards it without the mind-boggling mistakes that have been made in recent years in Brazil.


Walking for a mile in someone else headlines

Yahoo News

“At the age of 22, I fell in love with my boss,” she says bluntly as she begins her talk on the TED2015 stage, her hands clasped in front of her. “At the age of 24, I learned the devastating consequences. “


Korean peninsula and the frozen conflict

Jonathan Power

If there were a frozen conflict anywhere in the world today the place to look is not Eastern Europe but Korea. Following years of a pitiless war that ended in 1953, there was an armistice. A line was drawn across the Korean peninsula and its two halves went their separate ways


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