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Postcolonial education in Africa: the imperative for theory and practice

Okello Oculi

How can higher education in Africa become more relevant in the face of the challenges and opportunities Africa faces in the 21st century? That is the theme of a conference planned for 2014 at Dakar Senegal. In the face of growing numbers of colleges and universities in Africa, organizers note, there has been a lot of focus on numbers and too little attention paid to quality, relevance and access.

The mess African leaders have made of African universities

John Otim

Once seemingly on the threshold of a grand breakthrough African universities are sliding backwards. To the casual observer this may not be apparent. The occasional brand new edifice on campus, many often the result of donor money, the trim lawns college administrators have perfected the art of keeping, the fashion obsessed youths, book bags on their backs, smart phones in their palms, present the image of a normal campus.

Student takes on Faculty of Law over Dress Code at the University of Lagos in Nigeria

Special Correspondent

Nile Journal brings to you this remarkable and revealing conversation in which a Lagos University student accused of flouting college regulations on dress code and threatened with expulsion takes the Faculty head on. The encounter left the head of department (HOD) reeling. We must admit his had to be the strangest college department in the world; the department of Dress Code

Early Childhood Education in Uganda then and now!

Katherine Joy Akello

Society has come a long way in evolving elaborate systems and methods of gathering and processing information we need to shape our world and master our destiny. We have devised ways of passing on our hard earned experience, skills, knowledge and wisdom to the next generation and to generations yet unborn, so that society can continue and can progress. We take education of our youngsters fairly seriously.

What Does it Take to Pioneer a Young University

Lira Campus

Lira Constituent College for Health Sciences at the new Lira University of Science and Technologhy is a young institution, founded only in 2010. Its agenda: to promote knowledge, provide opportunity for learning, and to develop new practices in health sciences, while at the same time providing and developing health services for the local community and the surrounding rural population. What are the odds?

Early Days at the Postcolonial School

John Otim

We lounged around in the Upper Chamber devouring international publications. Read British really. Boys Own (great teen stuff) Illustrated London Magazine, London Times, and the hilarious Punch magazine, piles of them, stacked on the shelves. Punch has since expired. There were also issues of Readers Digest (American), Drum Magazine (South African), and one or two others.

Pontius Pilate and the Tragedy of the African Student

Fred Nyankori with John Otim

It was the beginning of a new school year. We were new students, on a new African campus, getting to know one another. Our country was decades into independence, was touted in the West as a new African democracy, led by a new generation of African leaders. Recently we marked our golden jubilee. Our leaders pulled out the red carpet and Champaign and insisted on a celebration though in reality our country was in a pitiable way

Fred Kamara, Ahmadu Bello University Academic

John Otim

John Fred Apuli Kamara, the long time Ahmadu Bello University lecturer, 1980-2008, died in Kampala on Monday 22 October 2012 in the early hours of the morning. Kamara as he was to Faculty and Students alike was born on 12 January 1947 in the Toro region of Western Uganda by the slopes of the legendry Mountains of the Moon.

End of Empire for Western Universities?

Sean Coughlan

By the end of this decade, four out of every 10 young graduates are going to come from just two countries: China and India. Projections from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) show far reaching shifts in the balance of graduate numbers, with the rising economies of Asia accelerating ahead of the United States and Western Europe.

Memories of a Nigerian Campus

Fred Kamara

One night as I lay in my bed reading, a text message arrived from John Otim that read: Kamara write 1000 words on Memories of a Nigerian university campus. For many years Otim and I lived and worked in Northern Nigeria at the Ahmadu Bello University in the city of Zaria located in the north central savannah.


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