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Speak softly don't argue and slow down

Phillip Sherwell

Loud and brash, in gaudy garb and baseball caps, more than three million of them flock to our shores every year. Shuffling between tourist sites or preparing to negotiate a business deal, they bemoan the failings of the world outside the United States.


Has American Soft Power Overwhelmed the World?

Jonathan Power

The debate about American influence on the world is not new. The popular twentieth century notion of the ugly American was part of this. Charles Dickens, the great seventeenth century novelist, believed American culture had little to offer the world. In his opinion America’s culture icons were no more than a gang of fakes, fools and tricksters

Postcolonial Response to Othello and Apartheid

John Otim

Makerere University Main Hall was packed with postcolonial students in their colorful trademark red gowns. Present were many of the Faculty and a good sprinkling of the country’s political and administrative elite. The occasion was the debut of the play Not now sweet Desdemona, written, directed and produced by Murray Carlin. Murray Carlin was a White South African teaching literature at Makerere University and lived in exile away from the land of his birth.

London Notes: The Other Obama

Ramnik Shah

The race for the office of President of the United States is clearly well under way. It is a matter of wide concern, because of the global reach of American power, though the rest of the world will have no say in who gets to the White House.

Peter Nazareth's Military Dictator

John Otim

Once he had his own men proclaim him King of Scotland. The ruler of a small and backward country, he had no means to enforce such claims. But in the eyes of his men his claim gave him the appearance of a strong and fearless leader. With the General appearance was everything. No one understood the art of propaganda better.

Love and Romance in Acholi Land

John Otim

Location? A remote corner of a crowded market place, a lonely village road, or perhaps a deserted school yard on a Sunday afternoon; youth must and will always find a way. Now that they have and are there, they size each other up, they let their eyes speak for them. Like Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in the thriller in Manila they circle each other round and round. That’s Acholi love.  The way it used to be. Before Kony and the Uganda People’s Defense Force, the UPDF, entered Acholi land and turned the world upside down.


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