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Sept 25 2012


Feature News

Feature News

African Paradise Deferred

John Otim

This lovely country which is your home was once aptly described as a fairy tale by one of the greatest men of the twentieth century. "In Uganda  there is discipline, there is industry, there is peace.  From end to end, it is one beautiful garden." Words of Winston Churchill written more than 100 years ago. But it was the young Duke of Kent, reminding Ugandans fifty years ago,  just how lucky they are. Today as they face present realities Ugandans might be forgiven if their thoughts run back to bygone days.

Others Laugh as Uganda Celebrates 50 Years of Independence

Okello Oculi

Uganda sits on the upper lips of a vast pool of water around which prowl two immense pythons. The first is the River Nile which drinks water from the vast pool and runs with it to pour into another vast pool they call the Mediterranean at the far northern tips of the continent. The second python is a rail line that drinks deep from the land itself and runs to empty its gorge by the Indian Ocean for onward transmission overseas. The first python was followed by adventurers who arrived at the big pool in the north and settled down to build Ancient Egypt

Prince Edward the Duke of Kent Speaks at Uganda Independence 1962

Prince Edward

It was with the greatest pleasure and pride that I received the command of The Queen to be Her Majesty’s special representative at the Independence Celebrations of Uganda and my wife and I deeply appreciate the welcome which Uganda has given us since our arrival here on Sunday.


King Mutesa of Buganda in the Drama of Decolonization in Uganda

John Otim

The First World War did away with some of the most powerful and colorful monarchies and empires the World had known. The Ottoman Empire, the Austro Hungarian Empire, the Russian Empire,  the German Monarchy all were overnight swept away by the tide of history. In Africa despite the tide and despite European colonial aggression or maybe because of it, kings and monarchies remained in vogue and even flourished.


The Rise of Milton Obote in Uganda Politics


One of the little-known stories, especially to young Ugandans born in the last three decades, is the stunning manner in which Apollo Milton Obote, Uganda’s first post-independence Prime Minister, emerged out of nowhere to upstage better-placed political rivals.

Speak softly don't argue and slow down

Phillip Sherwell

Loud and brash, in gaudy garb and baseball caps, more than three million of them flock to our shores every year. Shuffling between tourist sites or preparing to negotiate a business deal, they bemoan the failings of the world outside the United States.


Has American Soft Power Overwhelmed the World?

Jonathan Power

The debate about American influence on the world is not new. The popular twentieth century notion of the ugly American was part of this. Charles Dickens, the great seventeenth century novelist, believed American culture had little to offer the world. In his opinion America’s culture icons were no more than a gang of fakes, fools and tricksters

Memories of Apollo11 at a Kenyan Village School

Nile Journal

When in 1969 Apollo 11 blasted into space, it created a rare moment of pure magic at an African school and its entire neighborhood in the little coastal town of Likoni opposite the famed Island resort of Mombasa in Kenya ...In class Seven we talked endlessly about the forthcoming voyage to the Moon; the greatest voyage mankind had ever made.

Chris Ware’s Building Stories, a Graphic Novel Elevated to New Heights

Jake Wallis Simons

Just occasionally, a writer or artist, or both in one, emerges who is so astoundingly original that everything else suddenly seems like a facsimile of what has come before. Chris Ware, the 45-year-old American comic artist, is one of these. Widely hailed as one of the foremost practitioners working in the medium today, his new book, if one can call it that without being reductionist, is a work of such startling genius that it is difficult to know where to begin.

Barack Obama Struck Dumb by his own Success

Jonathan Power

Bar Martin Luther King, Barack Obama is the finest political orator in American living memory. His supporters are dumbstruck that in the debate with his challenger for the November vote his performance was so weak. He didn’t even mention Mitt Romney’s absurd statement that he has written off 47% of Americans because they depend on government handouts.