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Nov 17 2014


Feature News

Feature News

Why the school uniform is celebrated in Africa

John Otim

Today as a matter of course no school going child in Africa is complete without his or her school uniform. Adorned in often bright school colors, book bags dangling from shoulders, every day bright eyed kids take to school as their parents look on admiringly.

Why Russia is on the warpath

Jonathan Power

Will the West listen to Gorbachev now? Will it listen to his warning that the expansion of Nato makes Russia feel threatened? Will it understand that there is a good reason why he and a majority of Russians support Putin’s foreign policy? Will it share his fear that the world is on the brink of a new Cold War?

Ebola! Was the virus created in American laboratories?

Okot Nyormoi

Whenever humans encounter medical disasters of epic proportions such as the black plague in Europe or the current Ebola epidemic ravaging West Africa, they feel helpless and are driven to ask questions about the origin of the disease, its timing and location.

Vanishing Rock Art of Africa

John Otim

Once thought to be The Heart of Darkness where history was never made, Africa has come a long way. Few doubt now that Africans built the great Zimbabwe or that ancient Egyptian civilization was and is African. Now however the past of Africa is threatened again.

Pioneering a young university: Lira University three years on

John Otim

The Founders of the new Lira University were lucky in the near virgin piece of land they got. All 600 acres of it, perched on low rolling hills with a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside. To the south six kilometers away is the town from which the university gets its name, the town they call the bicycle capital of the world.