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May 17 2013


Feature News

Feature News

Black Experience Between Global War and Universal Peace

Ali A Mazrui

In the African experience, as in the Irish experience, the past is part and parcel of the present. The day-before-yesterday is part of today. Samuel Huntington is wrong that the clash of civilizations is something to be confronted after the end of the Cold War. The Western world made sure there have been clashes of civilizations for the last four hundred years

The Spear and the Bead in Luo History and Culture

MacBaker Ochola

The history of migrations and settlements of the Luo people in Northern Uganda had its share of trauma and tragedy. These have been preserved in archives of stories, proverbs, riddles and folklore. The lessons they impart have shaped Luo understanding of community, leadership, justice and fair play. Perhaps the most famous of the narratives is that of the separation of two Luo brothers: Labongo and Gipir over the Spear and the Bead.


Early Childhood Education in Uganda then and now!

Katherine Joy Akello

Society has come a long way in evolving elaborate systems and methods of gathering and processing information we need to shape our world and master our destiny. We have devised ways of passing on our hard earned experience, skills, knowledge and wisdom to the next generation and to generations yet unborn, so that society can continue and can progress. We take education of our youngsters fairly seriously.

Africa’s Impressive Growth not Shared by Millions of its People

Winnie Byanyima

Extreme poverty on the continent is in decline, and progress towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals has accelerated. A number of very poor African countries, including Malawi, Sierra Leone, and Ethiopia have made recent and substantial improvements in their levels of income equality.


The Good the Bad and the Ugly in Modern China!

Jonathan Power

China today is a sitting duck. But not so long ago China was a closed door and for most of the world; mysterious, unknown and unknowable. Now the massive and most populous country on the planet and the world’s second largest economy is wide open.