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Mar 17 2014


Feature News

Feature News

Africans in the Diaspora coming home: building a dream house

John Otim

For the returning Diaspora African the choice of a house is like the choice of a spouse and can be crucial. Face it. After years of absence abroad the man or woman is now a total stranger. Only within the four walls of their own homes could the returnee Diaspora Africans hope to find solace. They owe it to themselves to create within their new domain the most ideal condition they can.

Nigerians on the unity of their country and the state of their troubled Nation

John Otim

Before 1914 the south and the north of Nigeria were two distinct countries ruled however by the same colonial power, the British. Come 1914 Frederick Lugard the British official in charge engineered the union of the south with the north to form one Nigeria. The country we know and admire today and at times dread.  This year Nigeria clocked its first centenary as one country. To mark the historic occasion President Goodluck Jonathan laid out elaborate month long programs of celebrations.

Is human rights evolving in China? Is democracy foreseeable?

Jonathan Power

Following the overthrow of the last emperor in 1913 throngs of Chinese headed for the polling booths. In the annals of the 2,500 years of Chinese civilization it is the only time the Chinese have voted in a national election.

Transport and commuting in upcountry Africa

John Otim

We entered the small northern town in the heat of noon. We were surprised at the heavy smog cover even here. We thought we had left all that behind, in the sprawling capital city to the south with its teaming millions where un-serviced used cars from Japan clog the streets and where unregulated factories pollute the air. 

Does Africa have a future? Veteran British journalist asks

John Otim


Towards the end of Conundrums of Humanity in which he ranges all over the world Jonathan Power takes a trip across Africa. He stops for a while in Nigeria and Tanzania, his favorite countries. On his mind is the big question: does Africa have a future; the same question that in recent time had engaged the attention of many within and outside Africa, including Time Magazine.