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June 15 2012


Feature News

Feature News

Indian Paradise on Earth

John Otim

Sunrise in ParadiseForget the Taj Mahal! Few people would dream of India as a place to go in search of paradise. Despite its great technological surge and its recent economic progress, the popular image of India remains that of the crowded slums of Mumbai, of Calcutta and other numerous like places in the vast and teaming subcontinent. 


Invisible Children, Kony 2012 Video, and Museveni's Army

Okot Nyormoi

When the Kony 2012 video hit the internet in March, it triggered two significant responses.  One was the staggering number of people, 50-100 millions, who watched it within days.  To achieve this feat, the makers of the video employed a simple narrative told by children, one a victim who was pleading for help and the other was the son of the producer, who, in spite of his young age was shown identifying the bad man. The message was simple, “if this small boy can identify evil, why can’t the rest of the

Downside of Kony 2012 Video, what Jason did not tell Gavin and his Army of Invisible Children

Mahmood Mamdani

A 30-minute documentary about Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony has been watched by tens of millions online. But will this mobilization of millions be subverted into yet another weapon in the hands of those who want to militarize the region further?

Why Aquaculture

Thomas R Omara-Alwala

The cultivation of aquatic organisms such as fish, shrimp and seaweeds under controlled conditions is what aquaculture is about in the modern world of food production.  Aquaculture covers the rearing of both the marine and freshwater species and can range from land-based to open-ocean cultivation and production

The Last American Census and the Coming American Election

Angelo Faria

In any country a national population census is a major event. By convention it takes place once every 10 years in most countries. However it is not in every country that it is done correctly and objectively. In the past in some countries the release of population census results has been the occasion for heated controversies. Properly conducted, a national population census generates wide-ranging data which when taken together provides a unique mirror image of the nation and the changes taking place within its boarders; socio-political and economic.

Rare Honor for former Makerere University Head

John Otim

Sentrza KajubiTwice he was the Vice Chancellor of the prestigious Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. Twice he took over the leadership of the college at a time of great upheaval on campus and in the country at large. The first time was in the heyday of 1977 towards the chaotic end of the eight year rule of Dictator Idi Amin.


International Intrigues, Africa, and the Age of Impunity

John Otim

Following the armed seizure of power in the Mountain Capital (read Uganda) strange things occurred. The International Press and some Diplomats in the Capital appeared festive. The Press competed for headlines and fought for scoops. Whatever they got they hurled with the fury of Ogun, the ancient Yoruba god of iron. Death and destruction spread like wild fire

London Notes: The Other Obama

Ramnik Shah

The race for the office of President of the United States is clearly well under way. It is a matter of wide concern, because of the global reach of American power, though the rest of the world will have no say in who gets to the White House.