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Feb 17 2015


Feature News

Feature News

Languages never die they evolve mutate and live on

Okot Nyormoi

In the Jan 17 2015 issue of Nile Journal, an anonymous author (turned out John Otim) penned a thought provoking article entitled Dilemma of a small African culture and its language. The author describes how languages move from just being spoken to being spoken and written even in the era of electronic technology

The experience of a young African teacher in 20th century British classroom

John Otim

A final year student of Bristol University stands before a class of teenage boys and girls at Cheltenham Demonstration Secondary School, the year 1965. He is young, good looking, well dressed in tie and suit. Beside him stands the school’s headmaster similarly attired

Korean peninsula and the frozen conflict

Jonathan Power

If there were a frozen conflict anywhere in the world today the place to look is not Eastern Europe but Korea. Following years of a pitiless war that ended in 1953, there was an armistice. A line was drawn across the Korean peninsula and its two halves went their separate ways

Go Nigeria Go

John Otim

Africa's most populous nation is experiencing, many believe, its most dangerous moments since the end of its bitter civil war 45 years ago. Corruption is ripe in the giant of Africa. Social services and infrastructures are down. A crippling insurgency is tearing the land apart


Growing up in the coastal city of Mombasa

Mansukh Shah

We lived in the small seaside town of Lamu some 225 miles north of Mombasa. Today Lamu is or was until Al Shaba hit town, a bustling tourist spot. We lived in a rented house above the shop my father operated on the ground floor. I was born in 1933 in the same year Ali Mazrui was born in Mombasa