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Feb 17 2014


Feature News

Feature News

Africans in the diaspora coming home: memories, nostalgia, dreams

John Otim

For years in the metropolitan countries where he lived Ahmed carried with him the feeling of a nowhere man. Ahmed had lost all contacts with his family and with his homeland and this bothered him. Almost to the day he left Africa to pursue his studies abroad violence had broken out in his homeland. A civil war followed, which ended in a genocide that targeted his people.

Nigeria's economy about to achieve global status

Razia Khan

The year 2014 will go down as a milestone in Nigeria’s history. With a current per capita income of $ 1,725 this is the moment when Nigeria’s economy achieves global scale ... Given its vast and rapidly growing population, it cannot fail to demand an ever greater share of the global investor’s attention

How to win the 2014 Indian general election

Jonathan Power

Drum beats are already sounding for the 2014 general election in the world's largest democracy, India, the country that shows China, how it is supposed to be done. There is a sense in the country that the ruling Congress Party and the influential Gandhi/Nehru core of it is on its way out after 10 years in a government that has hit the highs and the lows.

Corruption: moral hazard or all in the genes

Okot Nyormoi

Corruption is never far from the spotlight. With the European Union’s recent report that corruption is losing the Community billions in dollars a year, corruption is headlines again. European Union report followed reports from Uganda that billions of dollars in aid money meant for war victims of northern Uganda have gone missing from the office of the prime minister. In Kampala the prime minister did not resign much lees lose his job

Mandela: the unfulfilled promise of the rainbow nation

Daniel Adawa

Leadership failure in Africa continues to define Africa as the preeminent disaster region of the world, still at this late hour dependent on donor aid despite its enormous resources. Recent events in South Sudan and the Central African Republic are only the more dramatic face of Africa in crisis