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Feb 05 2013


Feature News

Feature News

All Music is Holy: Miriam Makeba, Empress of Songs, as Seen in the Malaika

John Otim

Whenever and wherever in the world Miriam Makeba took to the stage in performance of the one and only Malaika, the African love song, she first made famous and then help drive to the top of the charts, to become one of the most loved of all love songs, nothing so becomes this delicate and charming Empress of Songs.


Once and Future Wonderland of the World

John Otim

If there were an African country in which the leader was so imbued so fired with dreams and plans for a better tomorrow for his under developed land and his impoverished people, that country was Tanzania. If there were a country in which grand and sincere dreams for a better future in the end went terribly wrong and caused untold sufferings for millions. That country is Tanzania. If the saying, bad things can happen to good people could apply to a whole country. That country is Tanzania.

Slowly Emerging Tanzanian Success Story

Jonathan Power

Something is happening in Africa; particularly in one corner, to the mid south east of the vast continent. It is noteworthy that the ongoing world economic crisis, particularly in Europe, has had little negative impact on most African economies. Instead African countries have been able to take advantage of the strong foundations they built in the years leading up to the present crisis

Why India Rapes


Sadly, it's for the same reasons that India bribes, honks unnecessarily, drives drunk and over speeds, why it pushes and pulls and can't form a line, why it spits and urinates where it wants and why it insists on scratching its balls before dishing out food with the same hands.


London Notes: Rape is Everywhere

Ramnik Shah

While reverberations of the rape atrocity that occurred in the center of New Delhi last December continue to be felt across the world, it is worth noting that shorn of all emotion what happened was that a young woman was brutally gang-raped and severely injured, as was also her boyfriend who was with her at the time. She died a painful death a few days later.

What Africa can learn from the Last American Election

Okot Nyormoi

American elections are events of great drama. Each presidential election is a drawn out stage theater. With many acts, actors and scenes that come to a close in Washington, in a colorful ceremony and installation of the most powerful leader in the world. The last presidential election that pitted incumbent Democrat Barack Obama against Challenger Mitt Romney of the Republican Party was one such extravaganza.

Guerilla Access Manifesto or the Free Flow of Information

Aaron Swartz

Information is power. Like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves. The world’s entire scientific and cultural heritage, published over centuries in books and journals, is being digitized and locked away by a handful of private corporations. Want to read papers featuring most famus most significant scientific results? You’ll need to send enormous amounts to publishers like Reed Elsevier.